School Lunch Idea’s


From Jon and Kate plus 8, Kate has a special lunch format:

Five components: Some sort of sandwich of their choice, a yogurt or a cheese stick, something crunchy like crackers or popcorn, a piece of whatever fruit’s in season, and a treat.

Sandwich Thoughts: Cream Cheese roll up, Ham and Cheese, Turkey and cheese, PBJ (where allowed),bagel with cream cheese

Also instead of using “normal bread” can use flatout bread or bagels.

Dairy Choice: yogurt tube or cup or parfait style, cheese sticks or cube’s or slices or shapes.

Crunchy: crackers, popcorn, goldfish, sunchips

Fruit: (my kid’s fav) pineapple, banana’s, grapes, blueberrys, orange, tangerine, or even swap out for a veggie

Desert: Banana Nut bread/muffin, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal choc cookies, or pudding cup.

I would like to add more to my idea’s I would also like to have a lunch menu with pictures to help the kid’s choose some of their food.  I am also thinking things like bento boxes and themed lunch’s would be fun for the kid’s and myself.


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