WFMW: End of the year Gifts!

This was my daughters first year of school, preschool.  She is somewhat sad that she will not be going on to kindergarden with most of her classmates and will also miss her teachers.  I decided to help her along with missing her friends she could give all her friends (14) a big brown bag each full of little gifts.

In each bag: muffin tin crayons (more on these soon), ziplock snack size container of glitter play dough, heart shaped bracelet and ring, and some bubbles.  Along with a gift tag which will have H’s phone number and family email address, and an invite for the whole class to meet at a local park mid-summer for a large play date!!

Saying good bye is hard, but hopefully with all these special things it won’t be so bad for H.

Glitter Play dough Recipe


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