Not ME!! Monday!

Not me Monday is a great way to NOT admit all those things you don’t want the neighbor’s to know about!!

My children always sleep through the night perfectly, my four year old would NEVER wake me up4!! yes 4!! times throughout the night just to tuck her back in cuz she woke up.  In which case this would not make me extremly over tired and cause me to be very cranky no NOT ME!!  Since I wasn’t over tired I would NEVER allow the five month old to push his bottle out of my hand only to spill all over the bedroom floor!  Even if I did do something like that I would certainly run to clean it up immediatly!!  I would not toss a towel on it and hope it collected everything only to find a terrible smell in my room when it was time to go to bed. EWW!!  Furthmore through the day since I was so well rested I would not have an attitude with the world, snapping at my husband and children over little things.  No, Not me, I would NEVER do these things!!!

God willing tomorrow will be a better day!!


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