Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday, yep it’s here already.  Last week seemed to have flown by, and now it’s back and I have to plan out more meals.  So here it goes..

M: Chicken Fajita’s(for my house this is pre-made meat from Schwans man, mexican cheese all in tortilla’s)

T:Meat loaf and potatoes (both white and sweet)

W: leftovers/do it yourself

TH:  Burger’s (on the grill of coarse!!) with grilled potatoes

F:  BBQ PIZZA!!!  (we might even have a pizza party!!)

S: cheesy chicken casserole

I am hoping that we follow this plan this week, as to save us money from eating out and also to get some healthier food in my family’s tummy’s.  I tried my best to keep most of this on the grill so that we don’t have to heat up the house. Wish me luck!!


WFMW: End of the year Gifts!

This was my daughters first year of school, preschool.  She is somewhat sad that she will not be going on to kindergarden with most of her classmates and will also miss her teachers.  I decided to help her along with missing her friends she could give all her friends (14) a big brown bag each full of little gifts.

In each bag: muffin tin crayons (more on these soon), ziplock snack size container of glitter play dough, heart shaped bracelet and ring, and some bubbles.  Along with a gift tag which will have H’s phone number and family email address, and an invite for the whole class to meet at a local park mid-summer for a large play date!!

Saying good bye is hard, but hopefully with all these special things it won’t be so bad for H.

Glitter Play dough Recipe

Not ME!! Monday!

Not me Monday is a great way to NOT admit all those things you don’t want the neighbor’s to know about!!

My children always sleep through the night perfectly, my four year old would NEVER wake me up4!! yes 4!! times throughout the night just to tuck her back in cuz she woke up.  In which case this would not make me extremly over tired and cause me to be very cranky no NOT ME!!  Since I wasn’t over tired I would NEVER allow the five month old to push his bottle out of my hand only to spill all over the bedroom floor!  Even if I did do something like that I would certainly run to clean it up immediatly!!  I would not toss a towel on it and hope it collected everything only to find a terrible smell in my room when it was time to go to bed. EWW!!  Furthmore through the day since I was so well rested I would not have an attitude with the world, snapping at my husband and children over little things.  No, Not me, I would NEVER do these things!!!

God willing tomorrow will be a better day!!

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, way overtired and trying to keep the budget in check so here it goes….

Monday: BBQ Beef sandwiches (this is cuz I don’t cook pork) with french fries… hmm should have a veggie but probably not

Tuesday: Steak (took out of freezer tonight) baby roasted potatoes (will come out of freezer tomorrow night) and pea’s and corn

Wendesday: LEFTOVERS

Thursday: Chicken Pot pie (from my freezer cooking two months ago)

Friday: homemade pizza

Saturday: Turkey Dinner (like thanksgiving) turkey, crescents, steamed mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, and pumkin pie

Sunday: NOT IT!!!! lol I will not be cooking so either eating out, ordering out, or eating at family’s house

For plenty of other great menu plan ideas check out OrgJunkie’s MPM

Unseen Separation

Well I like plenty of other American’s have a mood disorder, and every so often it affects my everyday life.  No one around me can tell but emotionally I am simply vacant and unable to take occupants.  I don’t stop loving my husband, children, family, or friends.  I simply just shut down for a few days, my body goes on auto-pilot and no one really knows what is going on with me.  But I do know there is something wrong, sometimes I tell my husband but the poor man has no idea what to do or say to me.  Just for me to share this with anyone is extremely hard because it means I have to reach out to people and for some reason my brain tells me this is not okay.  I often wonder (because there are people who want me to open up to them) what people would say if I told them all this?? I know I wouldn’t know what to say to someone who said all this to me.  Any thoughts???