Frugal Fun: Kid’s Bowl Free-ALL SUMMER!!

I was super excited about the kids bowl free program last year, and GREAT NEWS- it’s back again this year.  Registration opens March 23, 2010 and you can sign on the website for them to email you a reminder.  Also last year’s program gave you the ability to add the parents on for the whole summer for about $30 or $35 dollars.  Great family activity to keep everyone having fun and cool in the nice air conditioning!!


My Husband Rocks Friday!!

So before I tell you all about why my husband rocks this Friday first I have to start with an explanation- so you can really get why he rocks.  Two years ago my DH (which does mean dear and not the other word some of you may be thinking) bought me my own laptop so at night we could sit together and watch T.V. and play on our laptops (he already had one he sat on at night) I was hiding out in our room (where the normal computer was at the time) and both because he knew I really wanted a laptop and because he wanted to spend more time with me he bought me a laptop.  I was super excited and happy.  Well about six months later my not knowing better I killed the laptop, I left it sitting on the couch and it got too hot (did I mention it was July!!) and it fried to death.  Shortly after he did buy another laptop to let me use- intending to resell it for extra cash, I broke that one the same way.  At thus point it was explained to me what I was doing to these laptops and I felt terrible I wasted so much money on these machines and I broke them due to carelessness.  So for a while I did without a laptop (mind you we still have the desktop.)  Well this past summer while i was pregnant and he was at his dad’s house his brother got a new laptop and DH brought me home the old one to keep.  He recently mentioned selling my used laptop for extra cash since we didn’t need two, I reluctantly agreed.  So today he sold my laptop, he left for a while do to a computer job and came home with a laptop that he bought brand new just for me!!  As I speak to all of you I am typing away on my new laptop which I solemnly sweat to never set on the couch!!  Hunny I love you— and you ROCK as a husband!!!