Super Saturday? Maybe.

So it’s been a while since ya’ll have heard from me, my house has been sick–countinually. First everyone had this bad cold that turned into upper respiratory infections. Then we all got better, thank GOD, and then we went to a fast food play place to go play and the next day starting with the 2 year old boy we all got the flu. It’s been a week everyone but my DH has caught the flu, my DH came to bed last night and said “oh no, I really don’t feel good.” About 20 minutes later he was in the bathroom loosing his dinner. I feel so bad for him, I can’t do anything to help him other then keep the kids from bugging him. There is a ton of stuff I wanted to do today, so I am left frustrated and confused as to if I should bother. GRR!!! Well either way here is my list:

Clip, toss, organize coupons (I have a small laundry basket full-it’s needs to be used for laundry)
Meijer Shopping (now I get to take all 3 with me!!)
Clean my Office (I have been avoiding this all month)
Freezer Inventory (I really don’t know what’s in there anymore, and I need to make room)
Freezer Cooking Plan’s (which is why I need to make room) Breakfast’s/Chicken/Beef
Blog about my day!!


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