What to send to a new Nephew far away??

One of my little sister in law’s is having a baby and she is due in may I want to send her some stuff but can’t decide what since shipping cost’s are so outrageous. But she is having a sweet little baby boy, so we will have our first nephew. We are very excited about another baby getting to join our family. So far I know it’s a boy, and his room will be decorated in “cars” attire so I have bought him a “cars” christmas stocking this past year, and some other little filler things for the stocking. I can/could easily fill a giant box full of stuff for them so does anyone have any ideas on how to give/get them the most I can (because I want to) without spending a fortune on postage??


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  1. Have you priced out UPS ground? Sometimes they are cheaper than the post office on bigger heavier packages… just a thought.Tonihttp://thehappyhousewife.com

  2. Sending packages CAN be expensive! My best friends live in WY and CA now and shipping across the country usually costs me more than the gifts. Here are a couple of my ideas:-Shop Kohls.com (with coupon codes you can get 15% off and free shipping every day if you have a Kohls card) or Amazon.com and ship directly to them. You can take advantage of clearance specials and their free shipping to get the most for your money. Last month, I was able to get 3 Carter’s sleepers for less than $3 each and ship them free!-I make SIMPLE burp cloths out of flannel (I stock up on Black Friday when it’s on sale). They mail easily and don’t cost a lot.-If you’re mailing far, far away, chances are that priority mail flat rate box may be cheaper than a parcep post rate. Once you know the size and weight of your box, you can compare prices at a site like shippingsidekick.comHope that helps!

  3. I love the Kohls.com idea I would have never thought about shopping online, we just never do shop online. Thanks both of you for your help.

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